The Pilão Amidos Ltda., is a family business, founded on March 19, 1942, in the municipality of Lontras in Santa Catarina, specifically in the town drumstick Salto, from which originated the name of the company: Fecularia Jump Pestle . Its founders were: Emilio Jacobsen, Jacobsen Julio Gerard Jacobsen, Jacobsen Siegolf, Rodolfo Jacobsen, Raul Jacobsen and Bruno Rauh.

The "Salto Pilão" name came due to the existence of several holes formed in the rocks, the waters of the Itajaí-Acu River, which beat them, carving marks in the form of a "pylon". The choice of location to deploy the industry gave up because to find the location drumstick Jump on the river that served as a means of transport of the raw material, which at that time was led by speedboats. In addition, the place conditions could meet another desire of its founders, the possible construction of a hydroelectric plant, which would generate energy for their own use.

Initially the company was dedicated to the industrialization of cassava to produce cassava starch. In the following years it is invested in the timber sector, favored by the abundance of wood in the region, seeking thus parallel activities aimed at the company's survival in the off season. In the 60s, in addition to the sawmill, they were mounted two distilleries vegetable oil sassafras (wood found in the area). At that time this oil was exported to the United States, Europe and Japan, to be used in the perfume industry. These activities were paralyzed in the early 80s.

The first branch was built in 1983 in the city of Tacuru in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. At that time was already the president of the company Mr. Nilton Sergio Jacobsen, son of one of the founders, Mr. Siegolf Jacobsen. Growth has always been the company's strong brand. In 1989 it was installed another factory in the city of Ashland, also in Mato Grosso do Sul. In 1993 came the third plant, also in that State, in the city of Itaquiraí. In 1996 it was built the fourth plant, located in Guaira, State of Parana. Continuing the growth plan of the drumstick group, more were installed three units: one in the city of Tupa, São Paulo; another in Deodápolis, state of Mato Grosso; and the third in the city of Colorado, State of Parana.

The drumstick Starches Ltda., Is considered today the largest producer of cassava starch, corn starch and its derivatives in South America, our difference is that we can reassure our customers with the relationship between the option derived from cassava and maize. Given companies of various industries such as paper and cardboard industries, textile, oil, embedded, bakery, pharmaceutical, adhesives and others. (Photo highlight, "Pilão Amidos Ltda 1971")

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